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SQT-DVD | Kelly Rudolph

“Safety Quick Tips” DVD

  • By Kelly Rudolph
  • Simple enough for all ages to learn life-saving skills
  • Short enough to watch at lunch and still get back on time
  • Beautiful garden and ocean backdrops make this safety DVD less scary and more fun
  • Learn from someone who has been attacked so you never have to be

$19.97 US

Safety Quick Tips The Quiz book | Kelly Rudolph

“Safety Quick Tips – The Quiz” book

  • By Kelly Rudolph
  • Perfect as an accompaniment to DVD or by itself
  • 25 Fun, simple, multiple choice questions, 25 life-saving answers
  • Excellent for men, women, teens, kids and workplaces
  • In less than 65 pages, you will know the BEST tips and tricks to personal safety

$14.97 US

Safety Quick Tips eBook & Free Audio Book | Kelly Rudolph

“Safety Quick Tips” eBook + FREE Audio Book

  • By Kelly Rudolph
  • Excellent accompaniment to DVD with more in-depth explanations
  • 16 Real-life stories to illustrate the value of personal safety skills
  • Conveniently delivered to your inbox to read on your computer or print out

$37 US

Safety Quick Tips bundle | Kelly Rudolph

“Safety Quick Tips” Bundle

  • “Safety Quick Tips” DVD, eBook & The Quiz book

Save $17.91 when you grab all 3 products together!

$37.00 US

Just Do The Small Stuff book | Kelly Rudolph

“Just Do The Small Stuff…Simple, effective ways to stay safe” book

  • By Kelly Rudolph
  • Kelly’s first book (and almost out of print) answers over 200 of the most commonly asked safety questions
  • Learn a life-saving tip in just a paragraph or two
  • Excellent safety resource for home or office
  • Safety tips for home, work, in public, vehicle, kids, teens, domestic violence, dating and relationships

$12.95 US

Back Off - The College Student's Guide to Safety | Kelly Rudolph

“Back Off! The College Student’s Guide To Safety” book

  • By Kelly Rudolph
  • The best 64 page gift you could possibly give a teen or college student
  • Learn how to identify creeps a mile away…and keep them away
  • Learn why self-esteem is a major player in personal safety experience an interview with the author/rape survivor about her experience and how to prevent it in your life

$14.97 US

“MaxiView” Blindspot and Safety Mirrors

Remove your blindspot – Remove the threat…

MaxiView mirrors have been on my vehicle since 2001 and not only is there no need to take my eyes off the road when changing lanes (they are the worlds best blind spot mirrors), I have added safety at home, at the ATM and in parking lots.

Seeing what is going on around you is vital to your personal safety and eliminating your blind spot can be life-saving!


See the man who snuck in the garage when you pulled in? He could attack or stay, unseen, in the garage until everyone is asleep before entering the house!

MaxiView Mirror | Kelly Rudolph



MaxiView Mirrors 2 | Kelly Rudolph



See the man next to the car in the MaxiView mirror? You don’t see him in the regular rear view mirror!

Hey, guess what? I’m giving you one of my books as a gift when you order the MaxiView Mirrors!

$29.97 US

Which book would you like as a gift?

Kelly Rudolph’s CURRENT business is showing women how to get out of their rut and into their groove! Visit her at PositiveWomenRock.com

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